Work is underway to bring together organisations working towards a more sustainable food future in Bristol under a new umbrella of ‘The Bristol Good Food Alliance’.

The Bristol Food Policy Council, Bristol Food Network and Bristol Food Producers are already on-board. Any organisation that shares the purpose, values and principles of the Bristol Good Food Charter and the vision set-out in A Good Food Plan for Bristol, can join the Alliance.

The aims of the Good Food Alliance are to:

  • strengthen the capacity of the good food movement in Bristol
  • improve the governance and support arrangements in our work towards the Sustainable Food Cities Gold Award
  • make it possible for individuals, businesses, politicians, other cities, organisations, and projects to find out about, communicate with, or be part of, a well connected good food movement in Bristol
  • make it easier for different elements of the movement to work alongside each other, to work together, and to speak with one voice when needed

In short, the Alliance aims to give us a stronger voice in Bristol that will arise from our collective strength in numbers, and to provide greater clarity for anyone trying to find out ‘who’s doing what?’ in the city.

We intend to create an Alliance website which will act as a portal for all web traffic heading towards Bristol Food Policy Council or Bristol Food Network (and any other organisations who would find this useful), redirecting people out again as quickly as possible to the most relevant organisation in the city. We could also create a resource section and research hub; showcase featured campaigns e.g. Sugar Smart, Bristol Eating Better etc; and create a shared contact form for queries.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you or your organisation, then please get in touch.

We’re also looking to recruit people to a new Expert Advisory Panel which will support the Alliance. The idea of the Panel is that it will provide a set of people who can be called-upon by the Alliance member organisations to deal with queries or provide short-sharp bursts of input to e.g. project development. If you think that might be you! then please get in touch.

This is what we mean by Good Food: As well as being tasty, healthy, affordable, the food we eat should be good for nature, good for workers, good for local businesses and good for animal welfare.