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Bristol Food Network are Crowdfunding for  Bristol Gets Growing 2018, as part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Better Bristol campaign. We stand to win £3,000 of match-funding if we can quickly mobilise support for our project.

We have a great range of rewards on offer, from £5–£500 – so there’s something for everyone. Take a look now, before our limited offers are all snapped-up:


A bit of background information…

For the past 6 years, Bristol Food Network have run the annual ‘Get Growing Garden Trail’ – a weekend where around 30 of Bristol’s secret fruit & veg gardeners open their normally-closed garden gates to the public. It’s a chance to explore these beautiful hidden spaces, to learn a bit about growing, and to mull over getting involved without the pressure of having to turn-up on a workday. As each group is unique and is run in a slightly different way, it’s also a good opportunity to to find a good fit between potential new members and existing projects – it’s about finding what’s right for you. And if there isn’t anything that’s quite right for you in your area, the Trail offers models for the type of group that you could set up, closer to home.

For the growing groups who take part in the Trail, the benefits come in sharing the load. Bristol Food Network create a shared publicity for all the participants, and organise a get-together for representatives from the groups – allowing everyone to share their tips and experience from previous open days. The Trail attracts both returning and new visitors to the gardens. In 2016 around a third of surveyed visitors were NOT already growing their own fruit & veg. The Trail helps to convert visitors into members.


A new kind of Trail for 2018

Unfortunately we were unable to secure funding to run the Trail in 2017, and are now crowdfunding to run a slightly different sort of Trail for 2018…

Building on the 6 previous Get Growing Garden Trails, the success of Healthy City Week, and interest in social prescribing/referrals, we would like to explore how food growing spaces can be used by the wider community – not just for growing, but by other health & wellbeing initiatives. For example with Tai Chi in Fishponds community orchard, kids’ cookery on HHEAG’s allotment, watercolour painting in Blaise Walled Garden, or joining with a choir at Stoke Lane Community Garden.

We propose to work with around 10–15 groups who are also interested in exploring this idea. Each group would need to make connections with another local project or practitioner in order to develop and market an event to suit their site – something that would attract a different group of people into the project, who would not otherwise venture on-site.

Of course you’ll still be able to visit Bristol’s secret gardens to marvel at their glorious fruit & veg, and to share in these peaceful spaces. Any activities on site may be bookable – meaning that sites can choose to be closed to general visitors during activity sessions, but open to all for the rest of the day.

We’ll run the event throughout the month of June, rather than over one weekend. Allowing people to fit in longer visits, rather than trying to cram them all into two days – and also giving the participating groups the chance to visit each other’s sites.

The #BetterBristol match-fund campaign aims to support and promote the activities of organisations in the city with a passion for positive change. It is delivered by Bristol Green Capital Partnership community interest company who are investing £45,000 in local ideas and projects that will contribute to making Bristol a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all. The Better Bristol match-fund campaign will help to make these ideas and projects a reality by offering coaching and support to crowdfunders, and awarding grants of between £3,000 and £4,000 to eligible projects who have first gained support ‘from the crowd’ by crowdfunding the first 50% of their overall target.

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