Coexist Community Kitchen started off in 2011, in Hamilton House, and have since run workshops and cookery classes for thousands of people. We use cooking to empower people and encourage social change. We’ve been working with refugee projects, mental health services, young people and many other groups that benefit from the skills, confidence and relationships built through our cookery workshops. Coexist Community Kitchen also serves to support new businesses and independent caterers by offering affordable and professional facilities.

As some of you may know, we have been on the hunt for new premises after we were sadly asked to leave our last home at Hamilton House due to redevelopment plans. That hasn’t stopped us though! We’ve been keeping community cooking alive in spaces across Bristol and now have the opportunity to build a brand-new kitchen and dining space in Mivart Studios, Easton.

We are now crowdfunding for the £25,000 which it will take to get everything back up and running again by this summer. There are a great range of perks and rewards on offer. Take advantage of the offers now before the crowdfunder closes on 30 April.