A series of workshops covering the theory and practice of the most common herbal preparations.

Whilst providing a practical grounding in herbal pharmacy will also attempt to look deeper into what it means to make a plant preparation. Are we simply capturing the so called active ingredients or is there more to herbal medicines than merely a collection of chemical constituents? What are the different qualities of various preparations? Starting with the most basic procedures we shall work through the most common preparations, looking at which ones are most appropriately applied in which situation. Finally we shall touch on those preparations whose aim seems to be representing something more than the physicality of the plant, challenging the assumptions of the dominant biochemical model. The workshops are open as individual sessions or can be booked as a whole course. As well as receiving plenty of herbal knowledge every session will involve practical hands on experience

Cost £25/workshop or £180 for the entire course.
Individual evenings can be booked through eventbrite.

Pharmacy Workshop Dates

  • Wed 29 January – Introduction: the making of a remedy, Infusions, decoctions and the drying of herb
  • 5 February – Infused oils & ointments
  • 2 February – Creams & the science of emulsifications
  • 19 February – Emplaisters, compresses, liniments
  • 26 February – Electuaries, cordials, syrups, hydromels
  • 4 March – Alcoholic extracts, infused wines, tinctures, fluid extracts
  • 11 March – glycerites and vinegars
  • 18 March – Distillation: aromatic waters, hydrosols & essential oils
  • 25 March – The subtle Apothecary: Capturing the essence of plants- gemmotherapy, homoeopathy, Flower essences, Plant alchemy (spagyrics).

Booking via eventbrite – please contact me for low wage/benefits discounts or if you need to defer payment and wish to pay a deposit first to book.
Tel: 07983 536 374 · hedgeroeapothecary@tutanota.com

The course takes place at Bridge Farm, Glenfrome Road, Bristol BS16 1BQ