91 Ways recently appointed new Community Coordinators, Samina and Sophie. They’ve been hard at work reaching out to organisations and networks across the city, making a map of where the gaps in COVID provision are and finding out exactly what is needed where. 

Since the start of the pandemic, 91 Ways has been providing support to families in need, providing cooked food, groceries, and equipment, and building connections to help reduce isolation. We were fortunate to receive funding that has enabled this work so far, but as the pandemic continues to intensify, the numbers of families and communities hit hard financially continues to increase.

We have now set up a specific Covid Support Relief Fund on our website, where you can donate to support this work. The donations will be used to provide the specific items that we know are needed by the organisations and families we are supporting. 

This is an emergency and there is much more to do. We are asking that if you are able, you help us reach as many people as possible.

See more at: https://91ways.org/product/covid-relief-fund/