Apply for an allotment

Allotments: Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get an allotment in Bristol. Availability is very variable across the city, and it is true that there are long waiting lists for the sites in highest demand. However, if you’re prepared to be a bit flexible, you should be able to get onto some land of your own. Rents are still very reasonable, starting at £25 per year for the smallest Council plot. Do bear in mind that some sites are run independently by allotment associations, rather than by the Council, so you may want to apply to your nearest association as well. The online Allotments Finder will show you where there are vacant Council plots, and how many people there might be on each waiting list. If you’re new to allotment growing, do bear in mind that an allotment needs regular tending – it’s much better to start with a small plot and to run out of growing space than to become overwhelmed by having too much land to contend with.

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