Training and Support

We have been developing lots of strands related to training and support this year…

1. We send out a monthly Opportunities Update, connecting you with training, support, networking, funding and business opportunities. You can sign up or browse the archive of past copies of the Newsletter here.

2. We have built a Resource Directory to signpost you towards useful sources of information, training and support as well as towards opportunities to start on the path of growing or producing food for a livelihood. This Resource Directory includes links on food and farming training courses.

3. We are bringing the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre’s Horticulture Academy to Bristol to help boost the enterprise skills and support networks of existing food producers. You can register your interest here and mention your interest in the Bristol Horticultural Enterprise Academy.

4. We are co-creating a Livelihood Skills for Landworkers Certificate to supplement the business, enterprise and employable skills of people learning how to grow and produce food in Bristol. The course content is currently being written and the programme will accredited in the New Year. Eight local growing projects will be involved in its delivery and we hope the course will run for the first time from autumn September 2016. We’ll keep you posted through the Opportunities Update.

5. We have supported Feed Bristol to create a Scaling Up Local Food Production course for community food growers to help them with growing more food and managing volunteers. You can find out more about this by emailing Feed Bristol:

6. We continue to work with other organisations, such as the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, to develop ideas for other courses that could help to establish more successful growing enterprises.