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Land Seekers' Survey Report 2016 - final

This year we have been laying the foundation of a land matching programme…

1. We have launched a rolling survey for people who are looking for land to grow on in and around Bristol. We are using this to identify support needs for new entrants, to lobby land owners with a clear demand, and wherever possible to match growers with suitable land: bit.ly/lookingforland

2. We have analysed the results of the survey so far. A summary of the results can be found on the right of the page, or you can read the full analysis in our report.

3. We are working with Bristol City Council on developing a clear policy and process for people to use to apply for access to BCC land for growing. New pieces of land will be sent directly to Land Seekers enrolled through the survey, via our Opportunities Update and also posted on a dedicated map on the Bristol2015 website.

4. We will are now beginning to approach other land owners in Bristol to discuss their plans and needs. We hope to develop processes with us to match land seekers with pieces of their land. If you are a land owner and interested in the benefits of leasing it to a grower, read our document with more information.



Useful Resources

Please visit our Finding land for growing page within our Resource Directory for information on looking for and leasing land for your project or enterprise, working with landowners and legal issues.