Community Food Centre Development Worker

The Real Economy are working towards developing a series of neighbourhood based community food centres across Bristol. We are seeking to recruit a community food centre development worker to help plan and develop the program that will be delivered in two areas of disadvantage within the city later this year, subject to funding.


The Community Food Centre Model

The community food centre model is an innovative alternative to food aid provision, not addressing food poverty as a standalone issue, but actively engaging with the complex personal situations of vulnerable people, with their associated range of public health and other needs, through the development of a local community of health and well-being.

Each community food centre will offer a weekly gathering of a diverse group of people around a meal and a programme of activities focused on food. People in need of food aid will be referred to this meeting by agencies and by means of both peer and self-referral. The gathering will include people who are buying food as well as those receiving food aid and the food will be distributed without making any distinctions between these two types of recipients so as to preserve dignity and self-worth amongst those in crisis. The programme of activities will be based on a ‘popular education’ model that encourages a grass roots re-imagining of society with associated training in life skills such as cooking, growing, making and repairing and a process of asset-based community development with an interest in meeting the needs of isolated local people.

The approach will be based on a clear commitment to working for a sustainable, earth-friendly city and will thereby source food from local and ethical producers and will not use supermarket waste. Our education programme will encourage mutual understanding, justice and transparency throughout the food chain, beginning with food’s origins in the natural world.

You can read more about the Community Food Centre model in the feasibility study here.

Closing date: 13 April
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