Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym are looking for people who can sow seeds and help raise plants ready to sell on (at low prices) to people to help them to grow their own.  Also if you want seeds to grow for yourself you are welcome to some at cost price.

As usual have bought a large number of various seeds in bulk, so prices are low, probably less than a tenth of the shop price.  We also have onion sets available.

It is too early for beans seeds but we do have, berlotti, runner and  french climbing beans.  We need people to grow pots of these seeds for people to plant out later in the year.  Can you help?

  • We have a lot of onion sets (sturon).  And leek seeds (mussleborough).  Leeks can be sown now in pots or the ground ready for planting out later.
  • We have lots of tomato seeds including, shirley, sungold and beefmaster.  Do you have a greenhouse we could use to grow on tomato plants in April ready to sell in May and June?
  • It is far too early for squash, pumpkin, courgette but we have these too.  So if you want to start some seeds in April you are welcome to some now.
  • You can sow beetroot now.  We have boltardy and two other varieties available.
  • Now is the time to sow parsnip, we have some (gladiator) seeds available.
  • Herbs are easy to grow and we have lots of these seeds too, including corriander and parsley.

It is still early to be sowing most things but please let me know if you are interested in having some, just the number of seeds you need at  cost price. If there are any seeds you particularly want let me know and if there is significant interest I can buy them.

If you would be interested in a SusWoT meeting to discuss and plan how we can help people grow food locally please let me know (please reply to this) and I can set one up if there is a suitable enough response.

Alex Dunn