About us 2

Want to find out more about Bristol Food Network? – who we are and what we do

Bristol Food Network C.I.C. supports, informs and connects individuals, community projects, organisations and businesses who share a vision to transform Bristol into a sustainable food city.

We have taken our wider objectives from A Good Food Plan for Bristol:

  • To promote and encourage people to cook from scratch, grow their own and eat more fresh, seasonal, local, organically grown food.
  • To champion the use of local, independent food shops and traders to help keep Bristol’s high street vibrant and diverse.
  • To promote and encourage the use of good quality land in and around Bristol for food production.
  • To promote and encourage the redistribution, recycling and composting of food waste.
  • To advance education about the part that food, nutrition and lifestyle can play in meeting the needs of disadvantaged individuals, families and groups in the community and encourage social inclusion and social cohesion.
  • To promote community-led food trade such as co-operatives, buying groups, Community Supported Agriculture and pop-up shops.
  • To build the Bristol Food Network expertise in food and sustainability that allows access to and creates opportunities for local people within Bristol.

Bristol Food Network’s Board of Directors are:

Joy Carey is a local food systems consultant, a Director of F3, and a former Soil Association team leader for local food projects piloting the ‘Food for Life’ programme. She is the author of ‘Who Feeds Bristol?: Towards a resilient food plan’.

Sarah Davies has worked to build sustainable food systems locally and nationally and has experience in both the charity and public sectors.

Sid Sharma is the co-founder of Thali Cafés, co-founder of the Shambala Festival, and was the Operations Manager for the Bristol Food Connections Festival 2014 and 2015.

Kristin Sponsler is a website content co-editor for Resilience.org and is a long-time Director of Sims Hill Shared Harvest.

Jane Stevenson produces Bristol’s Local Food Update and is a professional graphic designer.

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